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Advanced measuring spoon

Advanced measuring spoon

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About this item

  • Metric Measuring Spoon: Measures Grams and Milliliters 2 in 1 design,can be used for measuring dry, liquid and semi-liquid ingredients. Metering spoon is perfect for cooking, baking, coffee, sugar, salt, powder and more.
  • Adjustable Measuring Spoon: Grooved thumbprints help you move the sliders back and forth for accurate measuring. Slide cover to the desired measurement and cover will click into place, angled edge makes precise leveling easy.
  • Food-Grade Plastic Spoon: Our measuring spoons are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable. Easy to clean, and won’t affect the flavors of your ingredients.
  • Space-Saving Design:There is no need to prepare multiple measuring spoons. One spoon can measure everything, saving storage space.
  • Adjust for any measurement: Our measuring spoons with 9 scales can measure powder and liquid. Double end with volume measures of 0.5ml-13ml, weight measures of 0.5g-13g.


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